Terms & Conditions

Status: August 2020

1. General

  • 1.1 The customer undertakes to read the terms and conditions as well as the data protection provisions and to take full note of them.
  • 1.2 The place of performance and jurisdiction is Vienna.
  • 1.3 Lukas Pelz – primephoto reserves the right to add to or change the terms and conditions.

2. Cancellation conditions

  • 2.1 The photo shoot can be cancelled at the latest 48 hours before the agreed date without paying a cancellation fee.
  • 2.2 The photo shoot can be cancelled no later than 24 hours before the agreed date by paying a cancellation fee equal to 50% of the shooting price.
  • 2.3 If you do not appear without cancellation, or if you cancel within 24 hours, you are obliged to pay the full price of the shooting.

3. Copyright Regulations

  • 3.1 All photos taken by us are generally subject to copyright.
  • 3.2 After you have paid for the photos, you can publish them without restriction. With us, the usage rights are included in every photo shoot. Also, for commercial purposes!


Wir dürfen weiterhin geöffnet haben!

Lt. 5. COVID-19-NotMV §7(2) vom 21.11.2021 ist das Betreten von Kundenbereichen nicht körpernaher Dienstleister mit einem 2G-Nachweis weiterhin gestattet.

Ihr dürft den privaten Wohnbereich lt. §3 (1) 8 auch zu diesem Zweck verlassen.

Termine können mit unserem online Buchungstool vereinbart werden.

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