Fotoshooting Tipps Wien

5 tips for your photo shoot


👚 Bring multiple outfits!

We will be happy to advise you on the right outfit and try out 2-3 different variations with you (e.g. different blouses / shirts, with / without jacket, with / without tie, different background etc.).

The color and fit of clothing can create very different impressions. If the colors in combination with the background suit you well, the photo has a completely different effect! Therefore, bring several different items of clothing with you and together we will find out what suits you best.

Before the photo shoot, you should try on your outfits to be sure that you feel comfortable in them and that there are no unpleasant surprises on site. It is also important that your clothes have no lint, no cat hair and, if possible, no wrinkles.

Accessories such as earrings, necklaces, pocket squares, etc. can give the picture a more valuable impression. The general rule is that you should only use subtle accents and not apply too thickly.

An insider tip from us:

If you do not have suitable outfits – in most clothing stores you can return undamaged goods with a label within 14 days. And if you like it, you have a new piece in your wardrobe 🙂


👩🏻‍🦱 If you have long hair, please do not wash it on the same day but on the evening before the photo shoot so that it is not statically charged.

It is also advisable to bring a brush so that you can make small changes to the hairstyle. If you use a gel for your hair, you are of course also welcome to take it with you. Then you can use it to attach any protruding strands.

If you want to get a new haircut, it is better to do this at least three to four days before your shoot so that you feel comfortable with your new style. And if not, you can postpone your photo appointment or arrange a new hairdresser appointment in good time.


💄 If you like to make up:

Then you should be careful with highlighter as well as strongly colored lipsticks and blush. Highlighter reflect the direct flash light very strongly and the colors often look more saturated in the photo than in real life. You are also welcome to take your lipstick and blush with you and apply it again in our photo studio if it is not enough for you. An even complexion that hides all impurities and redness as well as a matt finish is also desirable. You are welcome to bring your own powder or use ours.

Would you rather be professionally made up for your photo shoot?
Many perfumeries, make-up artists and beauticians in Vienna offer professional day make-up for 20 – 50 €.

If you don’t like to do your makeup:
We have a transparent powder for extremely shiny areas of skin in case we notice during the photo shoot that you need it.

Make-up für Fotoshooting in Wien


⌚ Are you an early bird or rather a night owl?
Make your photo shoot appointment at a time that you usually feel good about! Appointments can be made with us between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m.

Plan enough time for your photo shoot so that you don’t have to stress yourself. Nothing is more annoying than when you have prepared yourself perfectly for the photo shoot and then arrive at us sweaty with a red head.

Please don’t come more than 5 minutes before your agreed appointment so that we do not have any collisions or disruptions with other appointments. We take enough time for each customer. If you are late, we will unfortunately have to deduct this time from your shoot.


🙂 Smile or not?

We generally recommend trying both. Perhaps at home you will try in front of the mirror which facial expression looks like to you and how it feels to you. Smiling on command is very unnatural for most people, so it is good to practice this a little bit. We create a relaxed atmosphere in order to tease one or the other natural smile out of you.